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Launch Your Idea

Having an idea is one thing, building it is another. Having and idea, building it and making it successful is challenging, especially in the online world.

Long are the days of building a great website and a ton of people will come. Most likely you will spend all of your time and capital on the website and have nothing left over for marketing
We can help you get your idea to launch quicker, cheaper. We will build and launch your marketing campaign and get you to positive ROI in the least amount of time possible.

Don't use hard earned money to test to see how much you know online. For a nominal fee, we will navigate you through the world of online businesses.

What can we help you with?

  • Negotiations and management of your website development and design team to ensure deadlines are being hit, and your site will convert as planned. We also work with several on and offshore companies that we can introduce you to to get the ball rolling with the most cost effective rate and quickest turn around.
  • Negotiate and manage your online marketing team to ensure they are doing what is required to meet your ROI goals. We also work with one of the largest full services online marketing companies that you can use and get a premium rate, with premium service.
  • Help with negotiations with vendors, manufacturers and how your business will work with theirs.
  • Consulting on potential problems and pitfalls of your idea and what can be done to avoid them. We have done and tried most styles of online ventures and know where problems can arise. We will help you to avoid these timely and costly mistakes before they happen.
  • Hired Guns - you can hire us for a nominal monthly fee to be your hired gun for all things internet. You can consider it one of the best insurance policies to maximize your chances of a long-term, profitable online business.

We would love to chat to see if there is anything we can do together. Click Here to request a time to chat.


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Buy a Pre-Existing Web Business

Get a website, with traffic, supplier and processes. Site is ready (and probably already is) getting customers in the door.



Have an Idea?

Hire us to build your web business from strategy, implementation, to launch.



Want to sell us your online business?

We buy businesses, fix them up, market them and then sell. Click here to see if your website qualifies.